I'm delighted to have a guest blog post from my friend and hair stylist, Linda Norris-Clifford. She gives valuable tips about how to select the most flattering head wear and/ or hair style for your face. 

I thought it was just about the shape of your face, but she shares a quick trick that can make all the difference! 

It will open your eyes about balance - you'll be seeing faces differently!  

Linda told me there is a "Rule of Thumb" for cutting and styling hair in relation to the ear. It may seem like a small detail, but it's an important choice whether to expose the ear, or how much of it.  

Whether or not the ears are covered or partially covered affects the appearance of balance and how flattering that hat or hair style will be on you. By following this rule, you'll know where to place the hair when doing an updo, and to see what style of a hat or turban will look best.  

This will also tell where your hat, scarf or turban should be placed on or over the ear.

Face Shape1

Using a pencil or tail of a comb, hold it in a horizontal line from on top of the ear going towards your eye. Don't slant it up or down, and don't poke your eye out!  

If the line comes to the corner of the eye, the ear is balanced perfectly with the head & eye to wear the hair cut out around the ear.  

This type of face will look great in hats and turbans that sit above the ear. 


If the line comes above the corner of the eye or below the corner of the eye the hair should not be cut out completely around the ear, and a hat or turban should partially cover the ears.

Face Shape2


But if the eye line is above or below the ear, you can still wear a hat, turban or other head wear.  Just make sure that the turban is placed in line with the corner of eye area to give complete balance.  

Try it and see!  And please comment in the area below - I'd love to know what you found out about what is most flattering to you.