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After practicing as a Doctor of Chiropractic for 15 years, I was diagnosed with of breast cancer. Losing my hair was the most upsetting part of my cancer treatment, but the challenge of disguising it changed my life in ways I never imagined.

During chemo, I learned to wrap head scarves to look like a fabulous accessory, not just a quick way to hide my hair loss. The resulting compliments boosted my self-esteem during a time when I was afraid of losing my identity.

In the process, I created an easy-to-wear design to share that energizing experience with other women, creating timeless accessories with endless possibilities. Each piece can be styled to suit your mood, from business chic or Bohemian casual to sophisticated evening wear.

My grandmother was a gifted seamstress, and taught me to sew doll clothes when I was six, pumping the foot pedal on her old Singer. Through high school and college, I took more sewing classes, fashion programs at Rhode Island School of Design, and designed and made my own clothes.

Years after receiving a degree in Fashion Merchandising, I made a complete career change to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic West. Losing my hair brought me full circle to create something that heals on another level.

My grandmother's lessons were an inspiration for creating chic head wear (on a new machine), and there is always more to learn.

I'm celebrating more than twelve years of thriving beyond cancer, sharing Turban Diva Designs with women worldwide. I look forward to the day when the only reason women wear them is for fashion. In the meantime, it's my mission to make the difficult ordeal of chemo, alopecia and hair loss less stressful.

My wish for you is that you will enjoy Turban Diva Designs throughout your recovery time, and for many healthy years to come.

Wishing you vibrant health,
Laurie Andreoni

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