Velvet Turban Tutorial

Velvets turbans are a little more bulky than other fabrics, and we wanted to add step-by-step photos to show you easy ways to wrap a turban, tie a knot and a bow with the 2-piece turban set.  You will also receive the basic instructions with your order, but these are a few tricks that will help.

There are 3 Turban Tutorials below: The Knot or Sash, The Half Bow, and The Basic Turban Wrap. Easy-peasy!

If you have any questions, Contact Us.  We're here to help!

Turban Tutorial: Velvet Turban Knot or Sash

Make a loop on one end.
 Tie a loose single knot...
... at about 1/4 length of the scarf.
velvet turbanvelvet turban velvet turban

Slip the other end through the knot.

Place the scarf over the hat.

Pull the loose end through to fit.

Turban Tutorial: Velvet Turban Bow

You can tie a regular bow, and it will have larger loops and short tails.
If you prefer longer tails, the tutorial below will show you how to make a Half Bow.

Follow the first three pictures above to make the loose knot.

Make a loop on the other end.
Slip the loop through the knot.
Place scarf over hat & tighten knot.

Play with the loop to get your favorite look.  Here are some ideas:
Keep it small to look like a fancy knot
Pull it through and flare out the fabric for a more dramatic look.
Tuck the ends into the band.

Turban Tutorial: Basic Turban Head Wrap

The velvet has a nice "grip" and stays in place well when it is wrapped.

Place one end on the edge
of the hat & hold it in place.
Bring the other end around
and over it.
Tuck the end into the wrapped scarf.