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Posted by TurbanDiva on 8/3/2015 to Chemo Hair Loss
I'm Stacey, a 32 year old mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. I'm also an oncology social worker. In this role I am prepared and comfortable talking to patients about cancer and all that comes with those ugly six letters. 
When you receive a call (at work nonetheless) I found the word "cancer" have a much different meaning. On Friday, March 13th, I was called at 3 pm with the news that I had invasive ductal carcinoma. 

I was now placed in the position of my patients and I felt scared, sad, worried, and helpless. 

I cried that evening as I informed my husband and family of the news and squeezed my daughter (almost 2 years old at the time). Then I entered "Warrior Mode". I woke up the next morning with Destiny Child's "Survivor" in my head and took that as a great sign. I am stronger than this cancer and I will not let it define or change (in a negative way) who I am. 
At my first oncology appointment I was informed that I had Triple Negative Cancer (not hormone driven) and would be undergoing chemotherapy. I was given a prescription for a wig but knew this was not something I would enjoy wearing outside of needed places; work, social events, etc. 

I was not worried about losing my hair personally.  I disliked most that once it fell out then everyone would see that I am in cancer treatment. This felt like something that I wanted to keep to myself and outside of wearing a wig everywhere I wouldn't be able to. 
I started my online search for headscarves that would allow me to have confidence while in public. I was beyond thrilled to discover Turban Diva! I was so happy to see how beautiful the scarves are as well as how user friendly they were. I started my collection and they make me feel so confident and pretty when I wear them- something I thought would be so difficult without hair!! 

I'm still in my chemotherapy stage of treatment with surgery and the potential for radiation still in my future. There have been ups and downs but I remain positive, hopeful, and determined to kick cancer! 
I look forward to the day I can pass these gorgeous scarves along to my daughter to use for dress up but in the mean time I will continue to rock them with my head held high!!


Date 8/3/2015
I have left out some extremely important shout outs.... I am so fortunate to have an AMAZING support system of family, friends, and co-workers to help me through this time. From sitting with me at appoitments and chemos, to giving me shot to keep my counts up, making me both sentimental and funny videos to keep me inspired and laughing, to "humor kits" being sent (humor boosts immunity!), cancer fighting cookbooks and recipes, providing wonderful meals and the constant listening ear to make me feel like I am not in this alone. I am beyond blessed to feel this amount of love and support in a time that I need it most! :)
Date 8/3/2015
Sharon Osak
My daughter, Stacey, is one of the strongest and most amazing people I know! He courage and strength during this most difficult time has been beyond belief--a true inspiration to others!!!
Date 8/3/2015
Katie Howard
A gorgeous girl no matter what you wear but you rock the scarves flawlessly!! So proud of your strength and positivity throughout all of this! I'm the lucky one to be able to call you my friend!! 👯
Date 8/3/2015
Ryan Meeks
I'm the luckiest guy in this world to call you my wife. You inspire us all every day to be a better person. Tenlee and I can't thank you enough for just being you. Keep attacking life like you do every day and we will be right by your side. We love you!!!
Date 8/3/2015
There is the love and support I was talking about....thank you so much Mom, Katie, and Ryan! 😘
Date 8/3/2015
Lauren Langenderfer
Stacey- you are beautiful!!!! You are an inspiration and I am proud to call you my friend! Keep fighting and know I am behind you :)
Date 8/3/2015
Jen B
I had no doubts that my strong willed bestie would take on cancer like she does everything that creates a barrier in her life...with determination and ferocity to beat it. Of course she would rock it all while being super stylish with these fabulous turbans! Right on girlfriend! How fitting to be the Diva of the Month for your birth month!!
Date 8/4/2015
Megan Jacobs
I'm so lucky and proud to have Stacey as my big sister! I have always looked up to her and wanted to be like her and I feel that way now more than ever- she's one of the strongest people I know and her positive attitude is so admirable. You are such an inspiration, Stacey! I love you!
Date 8/4/2015
Jerry Osak
Stacey has been an inspiration to all that know her and everyone she meets. Her positive attitude has been never wavering and inspirational. These are traits she has always displayed throughout her childhood and adult life and her strength during this difficult time is not surprising to all she knows. Love you!!
Date 8/4/2015
Aunt Linda & Uncle Gulrez
Stacey, You continue to be an inspiring model of courage and strength. Your beauty and determination shine brightly in the photos. Your family is truly blessed in you! Lv, L & G
Date 8/4/2015
Rusty Meeks
Stacey, we are all praying for you! We love you!

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