Turban Diva of the Month - Julia

Posted by Laurie Andreoni on 6/3/2015 to Lifestyle & Fashion

I was a model for 8 years; I appeared in magazines and did glamour/bikini modeling all over the world. But I was very unhappy, not realizing that every time strangers looked at me lustfully I lost some of my own energy and happiness. 

When this knowledge came to me I changed my whole life, quit bad habits and started dressing modestly outside of home. Now only my husband gets to see my legs and hair.

As it turns out, there are great products available for 
women to look modest and stylish at the same time. 
Once I chose to notice them I was very surprised. 

Covering your head doesn't mean looking strange or old-fashioned. I believe that covering the head helps women save themselves from being heavily affected by negative information and energy.

Women of many cultures know about it and proudly cover their heads. 
I think that it is beautiful and healthy.

The turbans are very stylish and beautiful, they match any outfits and protect the hair from the heat. Living in AZ this is a great plus! 

I'm very happy that I discovered such a unique and affordable product for every woman who wants to cover her head regardless of the reason.

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