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Posted by TurbanDiva on 9/2/2015 to Lifestyle & Fashion

Up until June 3, 2016, I had an extremely healthy lifestyle, eating organic, exercising daily and always feeling in top shape. In retrospect, instead of eating bags of Kale, I should have enjoyed Krispy Kreme donuts.  

My life changed radically and without warning. On a Thursday morning, I experienced a sharp pain in my right side, went to the doctor and several hours later following a CAT scan, found out I had ovarian cancer with a tumor the size of a cantaloupe! I knew something would eventually take me out, but never cancer. Wrong. In the next 24 hours, I scheduled an appointment at MD Anderson in Houston, boarded my dog, packed my suitcase and filled with anxiety, stress and totally crestfallen, embarked on a 2-day road trip to Texas.

All I knew was that the tumor had to come out ASAP with no time wasted or it could suddenly create more cells and advance to other parts of my pelvic area. I work in academia, we were preparing for the fall semester and I didn’t even have time to organize my desk before leaving. 

I was fast-tracked through a huge surgery and chemo with little time to think of my hair loss. That is, until a stinging occurred in my scalp prior to my 2nd chemo. Then I freaked out. A wig was not for me or my personality, it felt like I had a dead cat on my head. Being from New Orleans, I wanted something funky, edgy, and creative along with a twist of soul. I immediately thought of turbans and began the frantic search online when suddenly I found Turban Diva. When I saw those batik fabrics and styles I knew it was the perfect choice for me.  

My hair was the one thing on my body I had a great relationship with all my life and I had been blessed with wonderfully thick hair. My life philosophy was that you needed 3 things: a good mechanic, a good accountant and a fabulous hair stylist. Well, so much for that last one. 

As women, we tend to make our hair define us and our personality. 

The Turban Diva experience made me realize I am so much more than my hair. The turban expands my creativity and allows me more freedom to become as edgy as I wish. I love sticking vintage brooches on my turbans (what could be better than a huge multi-colored peacock) and even small voodoo dolls in batik fabric! Yes, it is my New Orleans DNA coming out. 

I have no idea where my cancer journey is headed but even if I am lucky enough to get my old hair back, I’ll still wear these fabulous turbans. I own 5 at this time and the students at school tell me “Cindy, you rock that turban!” Best compliment ever. 

The personal service I receive from Laurie is exceptional. I feel we’ve been friends in a prior life and she offers an incredible experience and product to those who have lost their hair. She is up front and personal, exactly what you need to get through an unexpected health crisis. 

My favorite inspirational quote – “This has always been a motto of mine: Attempt the impossible in order to improve your work.” – Bette Davis.    

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