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If the answers below don't take care of your concerns, please call 916.801-8759 or email and we are happy to help!

Help!  My credit card won't go through.

We hate it when this happens!! To minimize problems, we use both a credit card processor as well as PayPal. 
Some transactions may work with one and not the other.


Every detail must be accurate or it can be declined.  Double check:
  • Billing address - street number, zip code
  • Card information - card number, expiration dates
  • Card type - Visa, Mastercard, Discover
If those are correct but it still won't go through, please try PayPal. You don't need an account to submit credit card information there.

Feel free to call us at 916.801.8759 in case we can help.  Sometimes the information gets stuck in a loop and won’t change, so do give us a call and we may be able to process it directly.

The most common reason for denied transactions is address verification
This is done by the credit card company, and we have no control over the process. If the billing information you submit does not match the information on file with your financial institution, the charge will be rejected. It can be off by a space or a number, so please double check the information you entered.  

If it still doesn't work, we recommend checking with your credit card's issuing bank to confirm the billing information, your available balance, and any security limitations.  They usually can locate the problem quickly. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept domestic and international Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal.

I didn't complete an order but my credit card company says I've been charged! What's Up?

If you didn't complete the order, your card has not been charged. This problem is due to the way that banks verify billing information and reserve funds from consumers for online transactions. 

The banks require fund verification/fund reservation BEFORE address verification occurs. Because the funds are reserved, banks assume your card will eventually be charged for each attempt. A new authorization number is issued on every attempt for a charge. 

This can happen over and over again - resulting in multiple authorizations/fund reservation, regardless of whether an order actually gets through. 

Whoa!! What happened to my cart? It’s empty?!?!

The cart can appear empty if you left the site, but if you created an account, it’s probably saved.  
Log into your account, and on your account page scroll down to SAVED CARTS.

You must have an account to allow you to save your cart, earn rewards, and see your order history.
You can do that from this link or during checkout, just check the box under your billing information that says, "Yes! Please sign me up for Reward Points and Specials!"

Why won't my coupon code work?

Here are some possibilities.  If you feel this is in error, give us a call  916.801.8759 or email us and we're happy to help!
  • If it's for Free Shipping, be sure to select that option in the shipping choices.
  • Purchase was less than minimum order required
  • It is past the expiration date
  • Your cart contains a sale item, hair piece or custom order (they do not apply to minimum orders)
  • Another coupon or promotion was applied (only one offer can be used at a time)

Can I add an item, change, or cancel my order? 

We will do our best to cancel or modify an order once it has been submitted. Our team is so efficient that it's hard to catch packages before they go out the door.  No need to panic -  most items are returnable if you change your mind.

Can I special order a sold out item? 

Some fabrics are limited edition, but we will do our best to help you get the color you love.  Email us with the style name, and color.  Our team will let you know if we are expecting a reorder of the fabric or if we are able to special order it. 

Can the products be customized? 

In most cases, yes! Call 916.801.8759 or email us with the style name and your request.  We will check and let you know. 

Can my order be gift wrapped?

We do not have a gift wrap service, but we are happy to include a card with your personal note.  Just add a note in “Additional Questions” on the payment page.

Is there a TurbanDiva store I can visit? 

YES! We have a showroom in Folsom, CA and we’d love to see you!  You deserve our undivided attention, so please call 916.801.8759 or email for an appointment.  

Can I return my order after 30 days? 

We are unable to accept returns beyond the 30 day deadline.  See our return policies here.  We will not accept any item at any time that shows signs of wear or has any odor, including perfume.  Please do not wear perfume or scented personal products when trying on your item.  See our complete policies here.

When will my return/refund be processed?  

Returns are generally processed within 5 business days from when we receive your package.  Processing times may be longer during special events and promotions. You will receive an email as soon as we process your return, and it should show up on your next credit card statement.

Where is my order? My hair is falling and I need it! 

We promise it will be there soon! Unless it is a special order, we ship within 3 business days. Check your shipment confirmation email for the USPS tracking number.  If you haven't received a shipment notification email, your order is still being processed.  

If it has been over 72 hours, feel free to call 916.801.8759 or email us for an update.

The fastest way to resolve delivery issues is enter your tracking number at (on the top right of their page). It may take them a day or two to update the information on their website once we have shipped.  If this does not resolve the problem, you can follow that link to contact the Post Office directly.  Weather and other unavoidable delays can't be helped, but the Post Office can assist in other circumstances.  

My international package was delayed!  The tracking number shows it was last in the USA.

You received a postal confirmation number beginning with LZ, and you can see its progress by entering the full number at (upper right corner of that page).  The last location is where it was scanned by the US Postal Service and shows when and where it LEFT the USA. 

Once it is on route to you, we no longer have any control over the package.  Your customs/postal service may or may not scan the package.  If it does, you can see when it entered your country.  If it has not been delivered, please check with your local customs department or postal service.  

There is rarely a problem with international delivery, but unless you purchase Global Express service, International mailing does not provide step-by-step tracking and we are not responsible for lost packages.  


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Hello, I'd like to place an order from Belgium/Europe. I need to put a zip code for the shipping but that doesn't work. Can you tell me what to do please? Thank you vers much, Els

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