Chemo Side Effect: Eyebrow & Lashes Replacement Solutions

Posted by Turban Diva on 1/5/2017 to Chemo Hair Loss
chemo lashes
Most of us know we may lose our hair during chemotherapy. What we may not be prepared for is losing hair in other places - like on our eyes! 

Chemo drugs can cause you to lose your hair just about anywhere, but eyelashes may be the most difficult to deal with. Some people mourn the loss, and others take it in stride with faith that this is a new beginning. 

Like leaves shedding in the Fall, the old person falls away as the new person feels the power of their strength and spirit to fight and stand up to cancer. 

Here are some quick tips for fashioning the most natural look, whatever option you select. 

chemo lashes
First, you can use false eyelashes, but check with your doctors and nurses. 
You could have an allergic reaction to the glue, and there’s also a risk of increased infection. 

If you would like to try this, look for a hypoallergenic lash adhesive.  
There are also tools for applying false eyelashes that make the process easier.  
Wash your hands and tools well before applying the lashes. 

 Regardless of your age, a magnifying mirror can be a blessing when applying false lashes!

chemo lashesThe second option is to use makeup to recreate the look of full, healthy lashes. 

chemo lashes
Line the upper lash line and smudge it with your little finger, a narrow brush or a foam eye-shadow applicator.  

If you usually wear mascara on your lower lashes, do the same on the lower lash line.

If you still have lashes, apply a hypoallergenic mascara. 

In this case, it’s okay to use an eyelash curler on occasion but use one with a rounded rubber base and be gentle! 
Overuse can cause breakage and eyelash loss.

How to Manage Your Eyebrows

If you are not handy with freehand drawing, easiest way is to use eyebrow stencils, a nifty tool that assists in creating a natural-looking shape.

Choose the pencil color based on your skin tone and wig color, if you are wearing one. 

Temporary eyebrow tattoos are semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos that are easily transferred onto your skin with a wet cloth. 
They work best on smooth skin, so these are recommended only if you completely lose your brows.

But always remember.. that ultimately they will grow again. Good luck! 

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